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Quinta do Rabaçal

Vila do Mato, Midões

3420-149 Tábua


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Tel: +351 962479500
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Driving to Us?

When you arrive at the village of Vila do Mato turn left at Finata Cafe on the corner (coming from the Tabua direction).

Drive into the village, past the Agri-brito shop on the left side, and go straight over the offset cross roads down a narrow road called Rua Gravito, which becomes a good dirt road after 100m. This track is not a problem for any car. Carry on this track for another 1km until you see a big Eucalyptus tree in front of you in the road and carry on straight down the hill. 

This grey dirt road is the start of Quinta do Rabacal. 


Use this location in google maps: 40.406196,-7.967587 Google maps does not show our new road yet! Continue for 1km on the grey road until you reach the houses and parking.

<< Your directions should look like this

How to
Get Here

Transport options from Porto and Lisbon's airport are:

1 / Hire Car

Porto is 1hr 45 min and Lisbon 2hr 30 minutes. At 3 euros a day a toll charger can be purchased (via verde) which takes tolls off your card directly. Alternatively you go online to pay on the last day of your trip for tolls. In Portugal you need your passport as well as your licence.

Cheapest prices are from the intermediary website sites doing comparisons e.g. 

2 / Private Bus

35 seat airport air conditioned big bus pick up can be arranged by us. Estimate of prices from Porto €500/ Lisbon €700 each direction.

This is perfect for larger groups. We can also arrange private taxi transfers on request for smaller groups.  

3 / Public Bus & Trains

Our local train line is currently closed for modernisation (2023).

If you'd like to take public transport to reach us we would recommend a combination of Train and Public Bus.

Trains are nice in Portugal and mostly fast. First class is only 4 euros more than second class there is normally a cafe / bar on the train.

Estimate of prices from €20 from lisbon/Porto & the Stations to look for are: -Lisbon Oriente (east) is a 10 min uber from the airport. 

-Porto (Campanha) is a 25 min uber from the airport

We recommend the fast trains to Coimbra B station every hour from Lisbon and Porto. To book online use


From Coimbra your options are either to hire a taxi to reach us or to take a public bus to Carregal do Sal. Check times and book online use

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